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goro tronsmo


The Residency

Muscle Temple 2010-2014

und• er |ˈəndər| |ˌʌndə| re• alˈrē(ə)l| |ri(ə)l| |riːl| 2008

auvirkomma veiklinga 2006

hold me 2004

erase my skin 2003

mad 2001



[curatorial work]


The Residency




enter one

a city is a body (I am a city)

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auvirkomma veiklinga (2006)

The narrative framing of the play is based on five people waiting for something in a undefined room. The structure allows for the situation to be adapted to different places, creating narratives from the venues that mixes with the open, yet socially misplaces characters of the script.

The performance was adapted for the abandoned Sagene swimminghall, the abandoned subway garage at Majorstua subway stasjon, the activity/communal area for the interns at Oslo City Jail, the escapetunnels under the train station at Nasjonaltheatheateret, the council chambers at Oslo City Hall, a large storage unit in the squatted culture house Borgen, and the foyer of Black Box Theatre as well as the black box at Black Box Theater, Oslo.

The site specific project demonstrated and researched the odd characters in contexts representing different positions of power and society structures. When performed at Oslo Kretsfengsel (main jail in Oslo) for the interns it behaved as context-specific showings of hold me do; the refugees becoming part of the situation, changing the actual situation. After the performance, the actors signed autographs for the refugees, as if it had been a rock concert.


Concept and direction: Goro Tronsmo
With: Hai Ngyuen Dinh, Aurelia Le Huche, Ulrika Fryckstedt, Anna Eklund, Mathias Wiik,
Mira Eklund.

The text of the performance was developed by: Joen Eklund, Mira Eklund and Goro Tronsmo.

Conceptdevelopment and production of site-spesific project: Mari Staurnes

Co-produced by Black Box Teater

The performance is supported by Arts Council Norway and Fond for Lyd og Bilde