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goro tronsmo


The Residency

Muscle Temple 2010-2014

und• er |ˈəndər| |ˌʌndə| re• alˈrē(ə)l| |ri(ə)l| |riːl| 2008

auvirkomma veiklinga 2006

hold me 2004

erase my skin 2003

mad 2001



[curatorial work]


The Residency




enter one

a city is a body (I am a city)

Untitled documentation I

Untitled documentation II



[documentation exhibitions]

a city is a body (I am a city) (2007) Collaboration with Iver Findlayclick on the image to watch video excerpt

Collaboration with Iver Findlay

With: Sara Turpin, Anna Eklund
Songtext: Saralunden
Supported by Arts Council Norway/Norwegian Film fund