Project-series of three different context-specific works.

The series researched the curatorial prerequisites in experimental theatre arenas in Stockholm. We developed a piece which started up as an autonomous psychological realistic performance (the concept outline set up by the curators). The performance then evolved into a relational concept, reflecting the discourse of the Swedish performance scene at the time. The project divided the audience, and caused some angry theater workers to ask us to follow the regulations, and write understandable stories next time.

A summary of the work with the actors and the text was presented at Black Box Theater and BIT-Teatergarasjen in 2003 under the name erase my skin. These contexts - being designed for modernistic pieces- where the post-dramatic strategies is understood as abstraction and not as an opportunist action - removed the relational aspect of the project.

Concept and direction: Goro Tronsmo

With: Liv Mjönes, Sara Turpin, Julia Zyto, Zandra Eriksson, Niklas Järvklo, Anders Borchgrevink, Goro Tronsmo, Mira Eklund, Mats Danielsson


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The Residency

Muscle Temple 2010-2014

und• er |ˈəndər| |ˌʌndə| re• alˈrē(ə)l| |ri(ə)l| |riːl| 2008

auvirkomma veiklinga 2006

hold me 2004

erase my skin 2003

mad 2001



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The Residency




enter one

a city is a body (I am a city)

Untitled documentation I

Untitled documentation II



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erase my skin (2002-2003)