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goro tronsmo


The Residency

Muscle Temple 2010-2014

und• er |ˈəndər| |ˌʌndə| re• alˈrē(ə)l| |ri(ə)l| |riːl| 2008

auvirkomma veiklinga 2006

hold me 2004

erase my skin 2003

mad 2001



[curatorial work]


The Residency




enter one

a city is a body (I am a city)

Untitled documentation I

Untitled documentation II



[documentation exhibitions]

hold me (2004)

The concept of the performance is based on a mirroring of the audience and the social situation. The project is shown for kids age 13-15, and thus the homogenous psychological liminal stage of the audience becomes part of the piece.

The project uses realism in a manner that reflects on the conventions of film. This allows the audience to enter the performance in a unframed way. The border of the situation inside the play and the actual social situation in the room blurs, and the kids' reactions to what they see pushes the border of what is memory of a story being told and what is situations they have actually experienced.

The project has at times caused teachers to be ragingly mad, and school-nurses to run after us for more advice on how to get the kids into talking like they did during and after the show.

Link to trailer of the performance and context spesific method:

Videoprojects based on the performance:
Link to the video project cut outs
Link to the video project Untitled documentation I

Concept and direction: Goro Tronsmo

With: Mira Eklund, Mathias Wiik, Ane Skumsvoll, Linda Nilsson

Text: Goro Tronsmo and Mira Eklund
Sound: Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen

The performance was produced and initiated by Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune/Sidsel Graffer in cooperation with Goro Tronsmo

The performance is supported by Arts Council Norway /Den Kulturelle skolesekken and Vest-Agder fylkeskommune.

The guest presentations are supported by Arts Council Norway, Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere and Ministry of foreign affairs.

The film project is supported by Arts Council Norway.