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goro tronsmo


The Residency

Muscle Temple 2010-2014

und• er |ˈəndər| |ˌʌndə| re• alˈrē(ə)l| |ri(ə)l| |riːl| 2008

auvirkomma veiklinga 2006

hold me 2004

erase my skin 2003

mad 2001



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The Residency




enter one

a city is a body (I am a city)

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mad (2001)click on the image to watch video excerpt

The situation and the text of the performance is based on The Grassmarket Project /Jeremy Weller's project from 1992. The narrative is constructed around an audition for people who have an experience of mental illness. The performance was developed to be presented nomadic site spesific, - adapting the parametres of the existing venue and incorporating potential narratives in the architecture as part of the script. This created a performative situation where the audience felt connected to the action happening in front of them, as it was part of the actual room. The project only used parts of Weller's text, and the meeting between this material and the young performers in the show - who were not trained, but very talented young actors in the beginning of their 20ies- resulted in a production where the searching for the role and the searching for your own identity became a structure for a very intense perfromamtive situation- using the fiction to formulate oneself. This actuality of the way we worked blended with the site spesific method- creating a structure where every performance of the show was a redevelopment of this structure, rather than repeating the performance for a new audience. Through the rythm and the choreography of the new site-spesific adaptation the actors could meet themselves through the roles.

The audience were placed on two parallell rows on the sides of the room, makeing it possible to blend in with the room and at the same time having first row view of the actors. The result was a very intense and almost hyperrealistic performative situation that the audience experienced similarly as watching method actors in front of them on a filmset.

The performance raised a lot of attention when performed in Stockholm in 2001, and during the different context-specific performances in Norway 2001-2003.

The project was done as a filmproject six years later. The video portraits the now established actors encounter with the characters that had meant so much to them, filled with the seriousness and maturity of the coming of age, and how nostalgia in interaction with method acting blurs reality. Watch viedo excerpt by clicking on the picture.


Concept and direction: Goro Tronsmo
Based on texts by Jeremy Weller/The Grassmarket project
With: Liv Mjönes, Sara Turpin, Julia Zyto, Dan Haeberlein, Johan Rödin, Zandra Eriksson, David Valentin and Harald Lönnbro
Photo: Per Heimly

The performance is supported by Svensk-Norska Samarbetsfonden.
The film project is supported by Arts Council Norway